Scent marketing. Life changing.

Traditional scent marketing is designed to trigger emotion in potential buyers in the real estate and retail markets. Researchers at CAIRE™ labs have decided to shift the scenting technology to a more organic form of odor therapy specifically designed for medical and rehabilitative facilities. If lavender and sage could make you purchase another pair of running shoes, they definitely can reduce your stress levels in a waiting room.

Changing the Air of Care

Don’t desensitize. Try scenting instead.

Urgent care centers.

Heavy latex or mild jasmine?

Emergency medical care is often not something patients smile about. Accompanied by fevers, sweat and oftentimes, vomit, there’s more that can be done than offer a peppermint plug in. CAIRE™ devices are discreet, mild and create positive environments. Combining anti bacterial infusions with proprietary scent profiles, facilities are organically enhanced via positive aromas. Recreate the dreaded wait with a holistic experience that makes everyone feel better.

Emergencies can use a breather.

Day care centers.

Sweat, poop or bubblegum?

All sorts of recreational therapies are available to appeal to the senses of young children and seniors at up and coming day care centers. Scent has nearly instant results, with olfactory reactions triggered immediately via amazing effects on the human brain. Therapy is more effective, memories are more positive, and reactions are more profound when positive aromas are introduced to the centers, providing life changing benefits that make the world of a difference.

We know a secret or two about motivation.

Hospital lounges.

Sterile antiseptic or relaxing bergamot?

Waiting for diagnostic testing doesn't create the fondest of memories, but it can be less daunting. At CAIRE™, we offer signature scents in a wide range of calming odors that are environmentally conscious and pleasant. Utilizing odor canceling technology, harsh chemical odors and airborne bacteria are banned from the lounge, the waiting area, and the patient rooms, creating room for hope via soothing scents.

We know there’s one way to make a difference.

Nursing homes.

Stuffy halls or fresh lemongrass?

Families seek care facilities that feel like home, but patients are often subject to the harsh scents of nonenal odors in assisted living facilities. Instead, the lounge and dining rooms can feature a hint of cinnamon roll, lemon meringue or apple cobbler. Odor canceling technology means that foul scents are targeted and eliminated during change times, replaced by soothing, yet powerful, aromas that are safe and effective for patients and their families.

We know the grandkids will definitely thank us.

Our intentions are pure.
Our scents are life-changing.

With less access to open windows in hospitals and rehab centers, fresh air is hard to come by. CAIRE™ allows administrators to redesign the scent profiles within facilities.

CAIRE pure

Makes you wonder why aerosols were ever invented.

CAIRE aero

Because supersonic is the way we combat odors.

CAIRE in a nutshell:

  • 2 unique products

  • Odor canceling technology

  • NEW: 100% natural scent

  • Environmentally conscious

  • Multiple scents

  • Safe and effective

Our values are
focused on yours.


Using no solvents or alcohols, our products are safer than aerosoles and use 100% pure fragrance oils. They also help minimize airborne bacteria via counteraction.


Programmable sensors release mild, normal or strong scents that vary in 30/60/90 day increments.


Maximum efficiency via fuel cell technology and an interior mobile tech strip + essential oil scale that creates a consistent scent duration and accurate refill service.


Our products are as discreet as the scent performance, blending into your decor and truly releasing a purifying sense of freshness.


Subtle scenting creates an all encompassing experience, triggering relaxation and positivity in a most organic process that improves more than just air quality.